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Claiming your programs on findhelp has never been easier! If you founded, run, work for, or are otherwise affiliated with a Community Organization that has at least one program listed on findhelp, you can claim that program in just a few easy steps.

Claiming allows people who are affiliated with programs to take ownership of their program listing. Once you've claimed your program you can:

  • Edit and update your program information
  • Respond to inquiries and referrals to your program
  • Track outcomes
  • Leverage reporting and analytics to support your organization

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Who Can Claim

If you founded, run, work for, or are otherwise affiliated with a program listed on findhelp, you can claim that program. You do not have to be the Program Director or Executive Director to claim the program, but we do verify that the person attempting to claim is affiliated with the program.

A single program can be claimed by more than one person, so multiple staff within your organization can have access to edit your program and use the free tools.

Benefits of Claiming

Claiming allows people at programs listed on findhelp to take ownership of their program listing. After claiming, programs will have access to a suite of free intake tools and have the ability to directly manage and update their program listings. Additionally, you can access free data collection forms to measure outcomes and view Analytics to measure and show your impact.

These tools allow programs to:

  • Maintain and update their program information
  • Enable Intake Tools:
    • Receive and respond to electronic referrals
    • Screen for Seeker eligibility
    • Schedule in-person appointments
  • Enable Data Collection Tools:
    • Track the actions you've taken on behalf of Seekers
  • Access Analytics
    • Understand your programs impact
    • Share data with funders or use in proposals for new grants

All tools for programs are free!

How to Claim

1.  Go to

2.  Enter the name of your organization or program, then click Search.


3.  Select one of the programs you'd like to claim by clicking the Claim button.


4.  Select any additional programs you'd like to claim by checking the box to the left, then click, I Work Here.



NOTE: There is also an I Need Services button for Seekers who accidentally try to claim a program thinking that they are “claiming” a benefit like social security. When Seekers click I Need Services they will be directed to the program details page for the first program they clicked, so that they can request services.


5. If you have an account, you'll be asked to log in. Otherwise, you can create an account, using your work email address, at this time.



6.  Click Complete Your Claim.


7. If we are able to auto-verify your claim, you will receive an email with a link to validate the claim.

If we are unable to auto-verify your claim, our support team will follow up with you to confirm your association with the program within two business days.

If you have any questions, enter your email address and click, Get Help at the bottom of the page.



8. Once your claim has been validated, you will see a confirmation email to activate your claim. Once you receive the email, click to Activate your claim.



Claim Verification

Auto Verification

When you submit your claim, findhelp will match your email domain against the website address on file for that program. If they match, then you will be sent an email with a link to validate the claim.

Verification links are valid for 24 hours. After which, the verification email will need to be resent.


Manual Verification

In cases where we cannot automatically verify a claim, a support ticket will be created. Findhelp will verify that you work for the program and should have access. Once that has been verified, you will receive the verification email where you can click to activate your claim.

Verification links are valid for 24 hours. After which, the verification email will need to be resent.

Program Information Verification

The findhelp data team works hard to research programs and accurately reflect your program information on the platform. Still, you're the expert of your own program! When you claim a program, we want you to confirm or update key information about your program to ensure Seekers are seeing the correct information.


When you verify your claim, you'll be asked to verify key information about your program. Once that happens, you'll be taken to the homepage where you can view a dashboard of the tools that you have access to as a program claimer. Here you will see links to: Certification

Interested in increasing your knowledge of the platform for connecting people to services and managing the suite of intake tools and impact reports? Become certified! Learn more about the steps to become certified and the benefits here: Become certified

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