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Logged in users can leave notes about programs for future reference by using the My Notes feature. My Notes are typically experiential information that they would like to remember or share with others on their team. For example, a food pantry that has a great selection of perishable food, or a program tends to reach capacity at the end of the month.

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How it Works

Logged in users can leave internal notes about programs for future reference. To leave a note:

  1. Locate the program for which you have a note.
  2. Click the Notes button on the program card.
  3. Write your note and give it a rating.
  4. Choose to save as a note for yourself (default), or share with a group.
  5. Click Save Note.


  • "Susan is a great contact."
  • "The backline phone number is XXX-XXX-XXXX."
  • "This program is amazing but tends to run out of funding at the end of the month. Keep that in mind as you're making referrals to this program."



Existing notes about a program will appear above the dialogue box, with the most recent note on top. All notes will include a timestamp and the name of who made the note. Notes cannot currently be deleted.


Sharing Notes with a Group

Sharing notes about a program can be a great way to share experiential knowledge across teams.

Community Based Organizations

By default, Claimers are put in a group to share with other Claimers for that program. They will see the name of their program(s) in the Share with dropdown, and can choose which program to share the note with.


Customers can use the User and Role Management Tool to set up groups and add users to those group. By default, Workers in a group can share notes* with each other when they are logged in. Their groups will appear in the dropdown and they can choose share with the appropriate group.

*Note, Team Navigation does not need to be enabled on a group to share Program Notes.

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