Suggesting Programs


Findhelp has a robust data team that proactively researches and adds programs to the platform. In addition, you may suggest programs for us to add to our platform.

To reduce barriers to access, and provide the most direct support for those seeking services, Programs listed in findhelp’s Social Care Network must meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Offer services at a free OR reduced cost 
    • Yes: Service is offered on a sliding scale.
    • No: Service requiring payment in full.
  2. A direct service
    • Yes: Food pantries that provide food directly to people.
    • No: Food banks that provide food to food pantries, but not directly to individuals.
  3. A social service
    • Yes: A temporary shelter, which provides a needs-based service.
    • No: A recreational softball league that is not needs-based and just for recreation.
  4. Provide services in the US, including Puerto Rico


Table of Contents

How to Suggest Programs


  1. From the footer, click Suggest a Program
  2. Fill out key program information and click Search
  3. Review results to see if the program is already listed
  4. If it's not listed, add any additional information about the program
    • If you work for the organization being suggested, click the "I work here" checkbox. We will follow up and invite you to claim your program.
  5. Enter your email address, so that we can follow up with you.
  6. Click the Suggest Program button at the bottom of the page.

How Quickly Will my Program be Added?

The findhelp data team will verify the program. If the program meets our criteria of being a direct social service that is offered at a free or reduced cost, we will add it to the network.

For individual program suggestions, we have a response time of two business days so you will know if/when the program is listed.

Programs submitted via the template will be scheduled in the order they are received and may exceed our standard 2 business days turnaround time. Our data team will notify you upon completion.

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