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Referrals connect someone in need of services (Seeker) to a Program that can serve them. Referrals are logged for the the Seeker, person helping them (Navigator), and the Program they were referred to, so that all parties involved know what happened with the referral, and follow up as necessary. You can see referrals you have made or received on the Seeker’s Profile.

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How it Works

Once the referral has been submitted, the Seeker, Navigator, and Program will have the referral information logged in their corresponding dashboard. For Navigators and Programs, submitted referrals (and Inbound Referrals) are stored in the Seeker’s Profile in the People I’m Helping dashboard.

Seekers, Navigators, and Programs can update the status of referrals through email notifications or in their dashboards. Regardless of whom updates the status, the updated status will be reflected in real-time in the Seeker, Navigator, and Program dashboards.

Managing Referrals

The People I'm Helping dashboard allows you to view profiles of the Seekers you have helped. On the profile, you can see to which programs you have referred them, comments made at the time the referral was sent, and manage the status of those referrals. Programs can also manage referrals that were made to their program.


To view and manage referrals:
  1. Log in. 

  2. Click People I’m Helping > People.

  3. Search for the Seeker you've helped.

  4. Click on the Seeker's name to view that Seeker’s Profile.

  5. View or update the status of the referral.

If anyone with access to the referral updates the referral status, the status is also updated across all dashboards for the Seeker, Navigator, and Program.

There is a history of every user that updated or interacted with the referral. This history shows the first name and last initial of that person and their organization, if they belong to one in our system.

Organization displays the Site's name if they are a Worker on one of those sites or it displays the Program name if the user is a Claimer (worker on a program).

If they are both a worker on a Site AND a Claimer, it displays the organization where they were a worker or claimer first.


Referral Notes

You can add notes to individual referrals. Open the referral and click Add Note.


NOTE: Notes cannot be edited, but they can be deleted by clicking the trash can icon next to the note.


Managing Inbound Referrals

Programs can update the status of referrals made to their program under the Inbound Referrals section on the Seeker Profile or on the Inbound Referrals Dashboard.



Who can see and interact with Referrals?

Outbound Referrals

By default, the user who made the referral to a Program can see the referral and update the referral status.

If Team Navigation/Sharing is enabled for that group or Program, anyone apart of that group or Program may see the referral, leave notes on the referral, and update the status of the referral.


Inbound Referrals (Programs)

By default, all Claimers can see Inbound Referrals made to their program. There is no sharing setting.

NOTE: There are different sharing settings for receiving inbound referrals and making new referrals. This is to give your organization more flexibility in terms of what information is shared with your team.


Start a Referral - Making new Referrals

The Start a Referral button appears in the Navigation History section:


The Start a Referral button launches a search in the Seeker’s zip code if it's stored in their Personal Information. You see a banner at the top letting you know which Seeker you are searching for. The Connect form is pre-populated with any information saved on the Seeker’s profile.


Adding and Removing Referrals to Goals

Once the user has made a referral, they can open the referral, and click on the +Add to a Goal option and select the Goal to which they would like to add the referral.


If the user wants to move or remove a referral from a Goal, they can use the same dropdown to either remove it from a Goal, or assign it to a new Goal.

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