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The Scheduling tool offers a way for claimed program providers to easily create, schedule, and manage appointments with people in need of services (Seekers) as a key step in their intake process. The tool will allow you to:

  • Easily show availability for appointments at your program location(s),
  • Book appointments on behalf of people in need, or allow them to book for themselves,
  • Schedule appointments for colleagues, and
  • Save calendar invites to colleagues' work calendars


Is My Program a Good Fit for "Scheduling"?

Who should use this feature?

  • Claimed program providers should use this feature when in-person appointments are already a part of their intake process, whether as an initial step or after receiving and responding to a referral.  

Who should not use this feature?

  • Claimed program providers who do not hold in-person appointments with clients/patients, or who do not need to track a history of appointments for follow-up.

Special considerations:

  • Appointments cannot be created to take place at a location that is not a program office (although locations can be temporarily added as a program office), and,
  • Appointments cannot be created without a location (ie. for a phone meeting).
  • Appointments that are made available in the tool will be published to the program scheduling page, and anyone who accesses that page will be able to book those appointments.
  • The tool has not yet been built to interact directly with the (green) Connect button.
    • There is a chance that this could sometimes result in two referrals being made for the same seeker: once when they book an appointment, and again when they return to the search page if they complete the Connect form there.  
    • For programs who want an appointment to be the first point of contact with their program, we’ll configure the Connect button to open a separate link to their program scheduling page.
    • For programs who do not want an appointment to be the first contact with their program, they will need to provide seekers with a link to their program scheduling page manually.

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How Do I Add It?

1.  Make sure you've already claimed your program(s). If you haven't do so yet, you can claim here: 

2.  Sign in to your account and go to: "My Program Tools" ---> "Edit Program Listings"


3.  Select "Edit Contact Settings" for the program you'd like to add Scheduling.


4.  Go to "When someone lets us know they are interested in your program, what should we do?" and select from the dropdown menu: "Let them schedule an appointment"


5.  You will hear back from an findhelp Team Member within 48 business hours regarding your setup.


Click here to see step-by-step instructions on how to use and manage your new Scheduling tool.

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