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Assessments are designed to help assess a person’s social needs , to understand how to best help them. You can use your own questions for the Assessment or use a standard Assessment like Health-Related Social Needs (HRSN). 

You can complete an Assessment on behalf of who you are helping (Navigator), or the person seeking services (Seeker) can complete the Assessment on their own. Once the Assessment is completed and submitted, a list of programs that address the Seeker's top social needs will be provided. You can then navigate and connect to the programs that best meet those needs. 

Additional assessment-related Analytics are available. These analytic dashboards provide insight into eligibility, demographic, and social needs information.



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How it Works

Accessing Assessments

Assessments are visible on the homepage of the site. If there is one Assessment, the button on the homepage will reflect the name of the Assessment. If there are multiple Assessments available, the button will say Start a Form.


From a specific Seeker's Seeker Profile, you may also Start a Form for that individual.

Who Can Access Assessments?

Assessments can be administered by staff or self-served by your community. Your Assessment can be made available to:

  • The public (logged in or not logged in)
  • Logged-in Site Workers

Completing an Assessment

Once you have completed the assessment for yourself or on behalf of a Seeker, you can review the Assessment responses, confirm consent, and submit the Assessment.


Once you have submitted an Assessment, you cannot edit the responses. However, you can undo the entire Assessment and start over.


Assessment Search Results

After the Assessment has been submitted, the Navigator and Seeker, will receive an email with a link to the  search results that match the Seeker's top social needs. These email notifications can be turned on/off. 

After completing an Assessment, you will also be taken to a thank you page, or a Highlighted Search or Program Recommendation Summary (PRS) where you may search for programs to meet the needs identified. Where you are taken will depend on how your Assessment has been configured.

Once on the search page, you will see the banner of the person for whom you filled out the Assessment at the top. This is called Seeker Context, and will allow you to navigate for this specific person until you end the session. Seeker Context will autofill your referral and other forms so you can quickly and easily connect them to programs.


Highlighted Search

Highlighted Search results take advantage of our vast network to find the right programs to meet the needs that were identified. Following an Assessment submission, you will be taken to the search results page where specific categories will be highlighted based on the social needs identified in the Assessment. Clicking on the highlighted categories will help you find resources that may address those social needs.



Program Recommendation Summary (PRS)

A Program Recommendation Summary (PRS) is a short, printable, curated list of programs that will be generated for people after they submit an assessment. We recommend using a PRS if you have a specific list of programs that you want to recommend. You can update this list at any time using your folders of your favorite programs.



Viewing Submitted Assessments

Submitted Assessments can be viewed in the People I'm Helping Dashboard under the Forms section.

Who can view submitted Assessments?

By default, Assessment responses are visible to the Navigator who submitted the Assessment on behalf of a Seeker.

You can also see submitted assessments if:

  • Team Navigation is turned on for a group you are in and another Navigator in the same group submitted an Assessment
  • Assessments were shared with a group you are in, at the Form or Kiosk Level.
    • This setting allows all Assessments that are completed to be shared with a group, regardless of who submitted the Assessment or whether or not Team Navigation is enabled.

Submitted assessments can be viewed through the Seeker's Profile or through the Forms dashboard


Undoing an Assessment

You may undo the most recently submitted Assessment from the Forms section of the Seeker Profile. Undoing an Assessment submission will:

  • Delete the submitted form
  • Delete any goals that were created by that form + delete any notes that have been added to those goals + disassociate any referrals that have been added to that goal
  • Reverse any Profile fields that were automatically updated by the form submission to their state just prior



Set Up

If you'd like to discuss setting up an Assessment on your platform, please contact your Customer Success Manager. 

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