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Q: In the event a member cannot find a resource for what they are looking for (and by that I mean, what if there appears to be a gap in resources in that area, rather than a known resource that simply isn’t listed), is there an option for something to be submitted to have your team dig in and see what may be available and not previously found?

A: There are a few ways to add programs where they may be missing:

  • If someone knows of a resource that isn't listed, we ask that they suggest it through the "suggest a program" link at the bottom. We'll add it within two business days.
  • If you're finding a broader lack of resources, say you are working with a lot of new parents but not finding a ton of programs to support them, that's something we can talk about together
  • Later this year, we're hoping to release a feature that will allow users to tell us if they've found what they're looking for so that we can more directly know and focus on the areas where people are less successful
As our customer, there are things that we do behind the scenes as well:
  • If someone enters the name of a program and it doesn't appear, our data team actually looks at those search terms several times a week and will add the program if they can find it and it meets our criteria (free or reduced cost + direct social service)
  • I look at your reporting on a regular basis to see if there are trends. For example, one of our customers has a large number of searches for DME, so we're doing analysis on that and then working with them to see what options are available from their organization, as well as where AB may be able to add resources.
So to recap, for the purpose of workflows, I would say if staff know of a program that's not listed, they should suggest it and we'll add it within two business days. If they're finding gaps in general, have them share that with you and we can discuss ways to address those gaps at a higher level.
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