Establishing Workflows


When introducing any new kind of software or tool, the new tool needs to be worked into existing workflows for adoption to be successful. Having these conversations in advance can:

  • Increase adoption and facilitate smooth change management
  • Avoid potential bottlenecks or challenges

Deliverable: Please provide copies of your workflows to your Customer Success Manager.

Participants to Determine Workflows

It’s important that the right people be brought to the table when establishing workflows. Depending on your organization, you may want to include the following people:

  • Team managers who can provide insight and help re-work workflows if needed
  • Trainers
  • IT partners, (ie. Epic Technical Coordinator)
  • Staff end-users

Questions to ask when mapping your workflows

  • What is your current workflow for addressing Social Determinants of Health Needs? (e.g. intake form, phone call, first appointment and then 2 follow up appointments)
  • Where will users access the site?
  • How will users log in?
  • How will users assess needs?
  • How will users find programs?
  • How will information be shared with the patient/member/client?
  • How you you document this information?
  • How will you close the loop?

Document The Workflow

To document the workflow, create a flowchart of each step and provide it to your Customer Success Manager. 

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