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People in need (Seekers) are learning how to connect with your program through this social care platform. While we do our best to research and keep this information up to date, we want to make sure that you have the tools to update your own program information as it changes.

The Program Edit Tool gives your organization the ability to ensure your Program Listing is displaying up to date information for individuals in need seeking out your services.

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How It Works 

Editable Information


How it Works

Claimers can edit their program information by logging into their account, clicking on “Program Tools” and selecting “Edit Program Listings”. Once on the page, you can edit your program information by clicking “Edit Program” or “Edit Hours/Locations


Once you have made the desired changes, click “save and go back” at the bottom of the page to save the updates. The following information about the program can be edited by the Claimer.


Who can edit my programs?

1.  The findhelp data team updates the programs. They strive to do this every six months, but as we rapidly grow, we encourage claimed providers to update their programs when something changes.

2.  And Claimers can update their programs too.

At the time a program is claimed, we look to see if your information matches what we know about the organization you work for. If it matches, we complete the claim instantaneously. If the information is slightly different than what we would expect, our Community Engagement team takes a look and may contact you for more information. We take this combined approach to make claiming as easy as possible while also maintaining the security of your data. A user can only edit a program’s information if they have successfully claimed it.

Editable Information


Program Name 

The name of the program.

Some characters are unsupported in this field. Review the table below for unsupported characters.

Character Character Name

Right Single Quotation Mark

Latin Small Letter E with Acute

ó Latin Small Letter O with Acute
ñ Latin Small Letter N with Tilde



Update your program’s availability where it says, “Is your program available to new clients?”. Your options are:

  • Available

  • Near Capacity

  • Waitlist

  • Full

  • Out of Funding

  • Temporarily Closed

If your program is “available” it will not impact where it shows in the sort order.  However, if your program is unavailable, it will be pushed down in the search results as it is less likely to help:

  • Near Capacity

  • Waitlist

  • Full

  • Out of Funding

  • Temporarily Closed

The availability status will appear in the “More Info” section on the program card. If they select an option other than available, it will also show next to today’s hours on the main program card display.


Main Phone number 

This is the main phone number of the program and can be different than a location phone number. This phone number will appear on the program card if the next steps are to call the program.


Main Email Address

This is the main phone number of the program. This email address will appear on the program card if the next steps are to email the program.


Website URL

This is the website of the program and will appear in the “More Info” section. 


Program Description

You can update your program description under the “More Info” section. 

The program description summary's purpose is to tell people in need the most important information in as little text as possible. Think: how would I describe this program to someone in just a couple of sentences. 

Your summary should answer the following questions: 

  • In general/high level, what is the program?
  • In general/high level, who is it for? (residents of a certain county, low income, disabilities)

There must be at least 140 characters. 


Service Tags

Under the heading, “What are the main services you provide?”, you can update your Main Service Tags. These tags will appear on their program listing and are the main way people will find your program. When you add a service tag to your program, users searching for that term will see your program. You may add up to 15 tags.

Under the heading, “What secondary services do you provide?”, you can update your Other Service Tags. These tags will appear on their program listing but will not be searched on. Instead, they provide additional information to the Seeker about services they can receive once they are enrolled in the main service. You may add up to 15 tags.


In the above example, the main services that the Downtown Shelter and Social Service Center offers are temporary shelter and short-term housing. Once people are staying at the shelter, they have access to other (secondary) services such as counseling, childcare, help finding work, and more.

Serving Tags

Under the heading, “Who do you serve?”, you can update your Serving Tags. You can select up to 15 tags. These tags will appear on your program listing and create filters so that Seekers can narrow their results to find your program.




You can choose from a dropdown of checkboxes for different languages that your program serves. This information appears under “More Info”, as well as populates the language filter at the top of the search.



You can update the cost of their program under the heading, “Does your program have a cost?”? Their options are:

  • Free

  • Reduced Cost

  • Sliding scale

  • Full cost

  • Not sure


You can add income or other eligibility criteria to their program listing. If you add an income eligibility rule, the program will be calculated when the Income Eligibility filter is used. All eligibility requirements will show at the top of the the “More Info” section of the program listing.


Hours & Service Locations

To create or edit service locations, the click “Edit Hours/Locations” to manage your information.



Contact Settings

The Claimer can update how Seekers and Navigators should contact their program, including enabling additional Intake Tools to support their workflow. Click here to learn how Claimers can edit their Contact Settings.



Making Additional Changes

If you need to make additional changes, let us know bottom of the Edit Program page. You may also use the chat function M-F 9am-5pm CT for realtime updates.


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