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People in need (Seekers) are learning how to connect with your program through this social care platform. While we do our best to research and keep this information up to date, we want to make sure that you have the tools to update your own program information as it changes.

The Contact Settings tool gives your organization the ability to ensure the Next Steps and Contact settings on your Program Listing are up to date information for individuals in need seeking out your services (Seekers).


How it Works

Contact Settings are the best way for a Seeker or the person making the referral on behalf of someone (Navigator) to reach out to their program. Claimers can also update who should be notified when a Seeker is referred to their program. When Contact Settings are updated, it updates the Next Steps or the Connect button.

Claimers can edit their program’s contact settings in two places by logging into their account, clicking on “Program Tools” and selecting “Edit Program Listings”. Once on the page, they can edit their program’s Contact Settings by clicking “Edit Program” or “Edit Contact Settings”.



Updating the Next Steps

First, Claimers will click “Edit Program”. At the top there is a “Contacting your program” section. Here Claimers can tell the Seeker what their next step should be to contact their program and receive services.


Claimers can choose what action people should take as their next step to connect with their program.

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This will update the next steps section of the program card when someone is searching.



Updating the Connect Button

To update the program’s Connect Button the claimer will want to choose “Edit Contact Settings”. Claimers should also check the “Next Steps” to make sure they match so that one doesn’t override the other.

From “Edit Contact Settings”, they will have five options for how Seekers should connect to them:

  • Pass along their name, phone, and email address with One-Step Referrals

    • This will change the Connect button to Contact/Refer


      Depending on the screen size, users may see "Contact" instead.
  • Gather more info about eligibility with a customized Screener Form

    • This will allow the CBO to set up a Screener and change the Connect button to “Apply

Note: If a Screener is the next step, the Claimer should go back to “Edit Program” and remove any additional next steps.

  • Let them schedule an appointment

    • This sends a message to our Community Engagement team so that they can follow up to enable the scheduler, which they actually enable through setting up their Next Steps to schedule through the website to schedule an appointment.

    • To actually change the Connect button, the Claimer would need to go to the “Edit Program” button instead and update the Next Steps to “Schedule through the website” to “schedule an Appointment.” This will update the button to “Schedule on their site”.


If Scheduler is the next step, the claimer should also remove any additional next steps.

  • This program can’t help people who make contact through findhelp

  • We want to link to an existing application, scheduler, or contact form and enter the link to the external contact form


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