Notification Preferences

Overview and other social care platforms powered by findhelp are used as a referral platform. We want to ensure that we are sending referrals to the "right people" at your organization. You may choose your Contact Settings and who should be notified at the time of referral. 

How it Works

Claimers can edit their Contact Settings by logging into their account, clicking on “Program Tools” and selecting “Edit Program Listings”. Once on the page, you can edit your hours and locations by choosing “Edit Contact Settings”.


From here, you can tell us (findhelp) what to do when someone is trying to connect with your program by selecting one of the options in the drop down menu.


Updating Email Notifications

When a referral is made to your program, we send an email to let you know you have a new referral. You may edit who receives notifications in your by adding their email address in the “What address should we send their info to” section.


Multiple addresses can be added by using a semicolon.

If no email address is entered, we will still try and send a notification. If there is an office email, we will email that, and if there’s no office email, we will email the program email.

Save your changes by scrolling to the bottom of the page and click the “Publish” button


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