One-Step Referrals

Tier: Program


One-step referrals are a standard low barrier inquiry, enabling you to receive contact information by email when someone makes a referral on or other platforms powered by findhelp.

People seeking services (Seekers) and those helping them (Navigators) can easily find your program and let you know that they're interested. You will be notified via email about any referrals your program receives and will be able to manage those referrals via email, or your Inbound Referrals Dashboard. This is a standard Referral.

Setting up One-Step Referrals

Step 1: Log into to your account and navigate to your Edit Program Listing Information in the Program Tools menu.


Step 2: Select Edit Contact Settings, this will tell us what we should do when people are trying to receive your services.



Step 3: Select “Pass along their name, phone, and email address” in the drop down of what we should do when people are interested in your program.



Step 4: Enter the email address(es) for where you want to receive notifications when a referral has been made to your program. Multiple addresses can be added by using a comma.

We won't publish this email anywhere, but make sure it is a reliable address. You can update the email addresses at any time.


Step 4: Click Publish -- if you navigate away before you hit publish, your changes will not be saved.


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