Tier: Free - Standard Goals; Enterprise - Custom Goals


Use Goals to organize notes and referrals around different social needs for the people you're helping (Seekers). 

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How it Works

Goals can be added by clicking Add Goal in the Goals section.


NOTE: Some Goals are automatically created based on needs identified in an Assessment


Once you've added the goal, you can add a description to the goal as well as notes for how you're helping your Seeker.



Adding Referrals to Goals

Once you have made a referral, you can add it to a goal:

  1. Open the Seeker Profile for the Seeker
  2. Add a goal.
    • NOTE: You must create a goal before you can add a referral to it.
  3. Locate the referral in the Navigation History section
  4. Click the three dots near the Add Note option
  5. Select the goal to which you would like to add the referral.

The referral will then be nested under the goal, which you can see when you expand the goal. There will be a dot that represents the referral on the goal.


If the referral is updated and the Seeker was able to get help, the dot will turn green.



Adding Notes to Goals

Add a note to your goal to keep track of your progress. 



Managing the Status of Goals

You can update the status of a particular goal with the following options:

  • In Progress

  • On hold

  • Blocked

  • Done

  • No longer a goal

These statuses are internal in that they are only visible to you and your team if Team Navigation/Sharing is turned on.

Once the goal is complete, it can be closed by clicking the gear icon and selecting, close this goal.


To see closed goals, click show closed goals, and if you need to reopen a goal, choose the gear icon of that goal and choose, Re-open this goal.



List of Standard Goals

The following goals are standard and are available to anyone:

Care Goods Physical Activity
Disability Support Housing Safety
Education Legal Substance Use Support
Family/Community Support Medical Transportation
Financial Mental Health Utilities
Food Other Work
Getting ID    




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