Our Commitment to Accessibility

Findhelp is committed to reducing barriers so that anyone can easily find and connect to social services. To ensure that our platform can be navigated by anyone looking for help, we follow the best accessibility standards and practices available to us.


Contact Us

If you are having difficulty accessing any part of our site, or if you need alternative formats, send us a message at and we will respond promptly. 


What We're Doing and our Customer Sites are fully WCAG 2AA compliant, and we continually monitor existing pages and test new features as they come out to maintain accessibility going forward. We perform an accessibility audit using WAVE, safari & voiceover, and keyboard navigation for all browsers. We actively seek feedback on our product from disabled users. We have tested every page in our application* to ensure that each is:

  • navigable by keyboard;
  • understandable by screen reader, through:
  • alts for images;
  • screen reader alternatives to icons;
  • contextually named links;
  • text versions of all visually presentable information;
  • visible to those with visual impairments, including:
    • low contrast vision
    • color blindness
  • as understandable as possible to those with reading or attention disabilities; and
  • contains no elements that might detract from the experiences of deaf or hard of hearing users

*We are unable to control changes to code and levels of accessibility for our 3rd party plugins used for Google maps, Google translate and the content and forms on Findhelp accessibility conformance relies on a few baseline technologies: HTML, CSS, and Javascript. This statement applies to the public search areas of our site. We strive for accessibility in out staff and log-in-only tools, but do not guarantee them to conform to WCAG AA level accessibility.

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