Custom Seeker Profile Fields Configuration

Tier: Professional, Enterprise 


The standard fields on the Seeker Profile are first and last name, email, and phone number. However, you can add anything as a Custom Profile Field as long as they are not social security numbers.

Some examples of Custom Profile Fields are:

    • Unique ID numbers like Patient ID, Medicaid ID, Medical Record Number
    • Preferred Language
    • Date of Birth
    • Navigation or Follow up Dates
    • Stage of Navigation (New, In Navigation, Closed)

Custom Seeker Profile Fields are also limited to a single site and cannot be shared across sites, even if they belong to the same Customer. Only standard fields will show across sites.

You may control the order that Custom Seeker Profile Fields appear in the profile.


Custom Seeker Profile Field Formats & Functionality


Depending on the format of the question, Seeker Profiles can be searched for or sorted on the People I'm Helping Dashboard. Free text Custom Seeker Profile Fields can be searched on if they are an identifier, and structured fields will become filters:

  1. Dates

    • Can be filtered on the People I’m Helping Dashboard

  2. Multiple Choice

    • Fields that are multiple choice can be added as a drop down on the People I’m Helping Dashboard

    1. Example: Stage of Navigation (new, in navigation, closed)

  3. Text Fields

    • Can be searched for on the People I’m Helping Dashboard if they are a Unique Identifier. For example, you can search for the Seeker’s Patient ID.

Unique Identifiers

A unique identifier is a way of connecting Assessments, Referrals and Appointments to a Seeker even if they have different contact information. Identifiers will show up in Connect forms and are searchable in the People I’m Helping Dashboard.

Identifiers must uniquely identify a specific user. For example, if a Navigator makes a referral for a Seeker using their email address and a Navigator makes another referral for the same Seeker using a phone number… if both referrals have the Unique ID (Patient ID, Drivers License), we can match them to the same Seeker.


  •   An ID number may be an identifier, because there is only one ID associated with that person.

  •   Date of birth is NOT an identifier because multiple people can have the same birthday.

If a Custom Seeker Profile Field a Unique Identifier, it will automatically be added to the other forms like Connect.

  • Unique identifiers on the Connect form will be optional and cannot be made mandatory

  • Unique identifiers on the Connect form cannot account for validation like a certain number of characters

Unique IDs in the Connect form are only visible for logged in Workers on that White Label.




  • Any custom field that is mapped in an Assessment will be autofilled  when “Start a Form” is selected.

  • Information filled out in an Assessment can be mapped to show in the Profile. Talk to your Customer Success Manager to set that up.

How to Fill in a Custom Seeker Profile Field

  1. Click on a person you are helping
  2. On the left side, at the bottom of the Personal Info box, click on Edit Personal Info

Please note that the information in these custom fields can also be autofilled from an Assessment when the answers to the assessment questions match the custom fields. For example, if the assessment asks for the person’s zip code, then that information will auto populate into the person’s profile Information.


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