FAQ - Site Analytics


In order to provide the most actionable insights and highest-quality analytics suite to our findhelp partners in making data-driven decisions around community engagement, driving platform adoption, and connecting seekers to help. 


Frequently Asked Questions

There seem to be some missing dashboards. How can I fix that? 

Different reporting groups assign different Analytics Dashboards. This allows you to assign aggregate-only dashboards, or assign dashboards that contain Personal Identifiable Information (PII). See which groups to assign to give access to specific reports here.


Why are metrics different between the Network Overview Dashboard and Site Activity Dashboard?

“Site Activity” shows all usage from your entire site, including searches that are outside of your listed reporting service area. “Network Overview” shows usage from within your service area.


Why are metrics different between the Group & Worker Activity and Assessment Details (PII) dashboards?

Timing! PII Assessment data is updated on an hourly basis. Aggregate assessment data, which is used in the Group & Worker Activity Dashboard is updated on a daily basis


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