Search Activity Dashboard


The Search Activity Dashboard shows search trends and helps Customers identify main areas of need. Using filters, Customers can understand what their users are searching for in general, in specific geographic areas, or within certain social care areas.s

Use this dashboard to:

  • Understand general search trends in terms of volume, search term, and geography

  • See how searches within a service category have changed over time

  • See how searches within a certain geography have changed over time

  • Understand activity coming from search boxes and referral URLs 

In doing so, you can use this data to provide additional services, target your outreach in certain areas, or serve additional areas for people in need.



Best Practices

For the best results, you'll want to use a combination of some or all of the following filters: Site, Term, Situation Tag, Group, State, Date Range, and Aggregation. 


Overall Search Trends

You may want to understand general search trends for what people are searching for on your site, where they’re searching, and the volume of searches.

  • See what people are searching for within a certain area, or compare different areas to see trends and differences.
  • See what different populations are searching for when you filter by situation_tag
  • See top searches in an area or over time
  • See how search trends have changed over time
  • Compare searches with the Program Summary Dashboard to identify gaps
  • Understand activity coming from search boxes and referral URLs 
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