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For helping professionals, identifying social needs is an important first step. Findhelp provides tools to identify an individual’s needs, and leverages the Social Care Network to seamlessly recommend programs that can help! Below are features that can be configured for your site to help people find programs.


General Search


Tier: Basic, Professional, Enterprise

Our standard search allows your users to browse by category, or search keyword. By default, programs are sorted by relevance, meaning that our search boosts programs that are the most likely to help. This includes programs that are closer, serve a wide range of people, or are claimed by the organization providing the service. Narrow your search based on the person you’re helping or attributes of the program to find the right program even faster! Our standard search cannot be configured, but is a foundation for the additional features below. Learn more about how search works.


Featured Programs

Tier: Professional, Enterprise

Have specific programs they want to highlight? Use the Feature Programs tool to “feature” certain programs to come to the top of relevant search results, so that users see them first! This is a great option for Customers with partner programs, internal programs, or preferred organizations with whom they work. Learn more.



Tier: Basic, Professional, Enterprise

Your users can save their favorite programs for easy access later. Set up groups and collaborate to create well-curated lists of the programs your staff use the most often. Favorites can also be shared with your community via email or through a public link! Learn more.



Tier: Professional, Enterprise

Create calls to action for users on your site! Perhaps you want them to call a number, connect with a hotline, visit a website, or link them to additional resources. Flyouts can pop up based on the geographic region being searched, search terms, or times of the day. Learn more.


Configured Navigation

Tier: Enterprise

Do you work within a specialized community? Tailor your category navigation to meet your community’s needs. Rearrange the category navigation bar to only show the kinds of services your users need. You can have up to ten top level categories to organize your navigation. Under each top level category is room for eight subcategories where users can click and be directed to those resources. 


Though you’ll only be showing specific categories, the entire findhelp Social Care Network is still available via the keyword search. Learn more.


Assessment Searches

When using an Assessment, it’s not enough to simply identify the need, you want to meet that need. Our Social Care Network makes it easy to identify the programs that can support your community when a need has been identified. The following two search features provide search results after someone has completed an assessment so that you can meet the needs that were identified.


Highlighted Search

Take advantage of our vast network to find the right program to meet the needs that were identified. Let us know what kinds of services you want to see and we’ll highlight the areas in the category bar where someone screened positive. Click once on the category and you’ll see available programs to address the need. Learn more with this overview, or view configuration options.


Program Recommendation Summary (PRS)

Know the exact program your organization would recommend when someone screens positive for a need? Try the Program Recommendation Summary (PRS). Select specific programs to be shown should the person being assessed screens positive for that need. Based on the screening results, programs pull together in a single list, making it easy to make referrals or print the summary to share with the person being helped. Updating the resources shown is easy as you’ll manage this directly using your Favorite Folders! Learn more with this overview, or view configuration options.

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