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Findhelp makes it straightforward to integrate our resource network and referral workflows into your existing system of record for care management, including leading electronic health records and care coordination platforms. With our integration options, you can create a seamless experience for users who want to search for community resources and make referrals on behalf of individuals without leaving the platform they use every day. There are several ways to integrate findhelp with your system. 

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Launch Integration
Application Program Interface (API) Integration
Native Integration
Single Sign-On
SQL Database Integration
Integration for Care Provider Organizations
Integration for Platform Development Platforms

How to Integrate findhelp with Your Platform

Integration methods we provide to our customers and partners include: 


Launch Integration

Use the full power of findhelp within your own system with our Standard Integration. Empower your staff to find programs, connect to services, and close the loop, without ever leaving their primary system. 

Findhelp supports browser-based integration through the use of specially-formatted “capability URLs” that can be turned into buttons or links that send the user directly to a page on their findhelp customer website. Buttons can launch users into:

  • Needs Assessment - Navigate to a specific Assessment form to validate the Seeker’s needs and eligibility for programs. 
  • Program Search - Allows users to search for programs generally, or on behalf of a specific individual 
  • Seeker Profile - View referrals and other navigation information

When working on behalf of a client, their information can be autofilled into forms, saving staff time.

Set up a sister community site and allow the people you’re helping to self-serve and log in to view their own referrals.


Application Programming Interface (API) Integration

For deep customization, API’s are the way to go. Leverage the nation’s largest Social Care Network through our Programs API. Create your own search experience on your website or pull programs into an existing workflow in your care management system. Either way, our robust network of programs are here to support your work!

Our Referrals API allows you to view and update referrals in your own care system. Use your findhelp platform to navigate and make referrals for the people you’re helping. Then, leverage our Referrals API to view and update those referrals within your care platform.

Our suite of REST endpoints allows your application developers to hook findhelp capabilities directly into any application’s familiar user interface, at any point in the user’s workflow. Requests and Responses from our API’s are in an easy-to-process JSON format, making integration with modern systems quick and easy. API’s we support include: 

  • Programs API - Numerous methods for searching and sorting the thousands of vetted community based organizations and programs in the findhelp platform. Search options include: 
    • Free-text Keywords
    • Category “Tags” 
    • Eligibility Criteria
  • Referrals API - Send “live” referrals to community programs on behalf of social care seekers. Retrieve the latest status of each referral to “close the loop” on social care needs. Referral options include: 
    • Create referrals
    • Get referrals
    • Update status of referral


Native Integration

Findhelp resources can be imported directly into your Epic “Coordinated Care” module for easy access in a familiar user interface. The Epic Native integration is designed for users whose workflows are confined entirely within Epic.


Single Sign-On

Single Sign On is an optional but powerful module that remembers when your users logged into their account in YOUR system - and automatically signs them into findhelp. No more passwords to remember! Findhelp supports the following single sign-on technologies: 

  • Security Assertion Markup Language (SAML) - An open standard for logging into one application and allowing access in other applications. 
  • SMART on FHIR - An open standard for Electronic Health Record systems to exchange account and permission information. 


Customer MySQL Database Integration

We offer enterprises the option of connecting to a regularly refreshed version of your social navigation data in findhelp. With this deeper level of access to your data, you can write custom reports using standard database query tools, import findhelp raw data directly into your preferred analytics platform, or create integrations with other systems in your environment via bulk import. 

Note that each customer account on your platform that wants to access findhelp resources through your platform must ALSO have an active findhelp customer subscription. 


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