Program Recommendation Summary (PRS) Configuration

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A Program Recommendation Summary (PRS) is a short, printable, curated list of programs that are generated for people after they submit an assessment. The list is based on the social needs identified. We recommend using the PRS search page, if you have a specific list of programs that you want to recommend. You can update this list at any time using Favorite Folders.


How it Works

When an Assessment is submitted, a PRS will automatically generate a list of specific programs in the area, based on the Assessment responses. The list is created and maintained through the Favorite Folders link-sharing functionality. 

Within the view of the PRS, you will see a heading for each area of need identified on the Assessment. The heading displayed corresponds with the name of your favorite folder (see Setting Up PRS Folders below). 

For example, the heading in the image below, “Recommended Housing Programs” will match the name of your folder of programs called “Recommended Housing Programs.”


You can “Save all Programs” to create your own folder containing these programs. You can also Print to print the program information for all the programs on the list.


Setting Up PRS Favorite Folders 

You must set up and maintain a set of Favorites folders to set up the Program Recommendation Summary. This set of PRS folders will be used to map the Assessment responses to the areas of needs, identified by the completed Assessment. Please review the Favorite folders article to familiarize yourself with its features and functionality. 

Once you have created your PRS folders, you will want to turn link-sharing on. Enabling link-sharing will give all users access to view programs in the folder. Please send the link to your Customer Success Manager. They will work with you to map your assessment questions to the folders you have created. 


PRS Favorite Folder Best Practices

Here are a few best practices when it comes to creating, populating and maintaining the Favorite folders that are used for the PRS: 

  • Create one folder for each area of need being screened on the Assessment (for example: if you have two areas of social needs being screened on one Assessment, such as food and housing, create one folder for food and one folder for housing)
  • Name the folders in a way that makes sense. These folder names will be the heading that appears on the PRS (e.g. name your folders something like "Recommended Food Programs" or "Food Resources to Contact" or just "Food" instead of “Resources” ).
  • Each folder should contain programs for all the zip codes being served, or people may receive an empty list after completion of an Assessment.
  • Regularly review and update the favorite folders to ensure that helpful and relevant programs continue to be provided in the PRS.

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