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The Featured Programs tool allows you to bring key programs at the top of your search results. These programs may be trusted or preferred programs, partners, or your organization’s own programs - you get to pick!

Each featured program has one label on their program card with a popup “help text” represented by the ”i” icon to the right of the label text (e.g. in the image below, the label is called “Featured”). 




You can create up to three different labels for your key programs, and can designate a rank to each of the labels based on importance. That means that programs featured with the top ranked label will be shown above the other two labelled programs, with all labelled programs being shown on top of the non-featured programs listed below them.

Hidden Programs

Using the same tool, you can also hide programs from search results. This may be due to legal restrictions related to the types of programs you can display.

To ensure Seekers are able to find all programs that can help them - even if programs have been hidden from their search results - community-facing sites provide help text indicating that some programs have been excluded from the search results, and provide a link to the same search on findhelp.org.


Setting Up Featured Programs

You can customize the text displayed on the label of the featured program, as well as customize the help text that pops up when a user’s mouse hovers over the “i” icon located to the right of the label. 

Once you have identified how you wish to feature your programs, your Customer Success Manager will help you set up the label names, label ranking, and customized help text, and then your designated Site Administrators can feature your programs using the Featured Program tool.


How to Feature Programs

Gather Program Information

First, you'll need to identify the programs that you would like to feature. You'll need the program URL or provider URL to use in the Featured Program tool.

1. Go to the program you would like to feature and click on the name of the program or the organization on the program card 

2. Copy this url

3. If you wish to feature all programs from this provider, click on the provider name located on the program card, and copy this url.




  • Please ensure that you are copying the program or provider URL, and not the search URL.
  • If you are featuring all programs from one provider, this tool will feature the programs that are associated with the provider at the time you are featuring them. If additional programs are added to this provider at a later date, you can go back into the Featured Program tool and:
    • Add the new programs to be featured,
    • Re-submit the provider URL to feature the new programs.


Access the Featured Program Tool 

4. Log into your account

5. Access your Featured Program tool from your “Site Tools” menu. (Reminder: This feature is only available to Site Administrators)  


Feature your Programs 

In the Featured Program tool, there is a section called “Add a New Featured Program”

6. Paste the program or provider URL into the “Treat program listings for” section

7. Select which label you want this program(s) to have.


NOTE: If you elect to hide a program, you will need to indicate why the program is being hidden.

Managing your Featured Programs

You can search for your featured programs by using the search box on the right.


To change a program’s label, select the drop down and choose another label.

To remove a featured program, click "Remove" next to the program's Program Search Status dropdown.


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