Premium Insights Dashboard

Tier: Add-on


The Premium Insights add-on is a feature that provides an executive dashboard to monitor regional traction and key data points across the full range of activity on your customer white label sites. On a monthly basis, your Customer Success Manager provides actionable insight in the form of a written report to complement the dashboard and ensure your organization is getting the most out of our platform.


How do I access the dashboard?

You will access the Premium Insights Dashboard in the same place where you access any of your dashboards, through the Site Analytics menu. If you have any questions about how to access the dashboard or if you are not sure if you should have access, please contact your Customer Success Manager (CSM).


Best Practices

This dashboard is best used to compliment the report provided from your Customer Success Manager (CSM).

The monthly report delivered by your CSM provides insights based on data in the Premium Insights dashboard and recommendations based on our expertise growing the network in communities across the United States. Recommendations can include guidance to increase engagement, identify gaps in communication, platform customization, programming or training, and help you to make data driven decisions to better serve your community. With this dashboard complemented by the monthly report, you can more deeply dive into these insights and recommendations, as well as gather relevant data and visualizations to take action.



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