Site Assessment Details (PII)


The Site Assessment Details dashboard allows customers to view detailed information on all Assessments submitted on your site(s), in one place. In doing so, you can download that data for your own analysis.

Use this dashboard to:

  • View detailed, individual-level data on each assessment on your platform

View and Download all Assessment Activity

You can use the Site Assessment Details table to view all assessment submissions made on your site(s) and details related to that assessment and complete your own analysis of that data. In this table you can find the following information: 

  • Seeker name, contact information, unique ID
  • Submitter name and contact information
  • When the assessment was submitted
  • Each question and the corresponding answer
  • Date and time of the assessment submission

To download the data:

  1. Hover your mouse over the chart or table
  2. Click on the three lines
  3. Select “Download Data”

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Frequently Asked Questions

Why are metrics different between the Group & Worker Activity and Assessment Details (PII) dashboards?

Timing! PII Assessment data is updated on an hourly basis. Aggregate assessment data, which is used in the Group & Worker Activity Dashboard is updated on a daily basis

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