Referral Activity Dashboard


The Referral Activity Dashboard shows trends in referrals and referral status updates and what programs are receiving those referrals. Using filters, Customers can understand referral trends across a variety of factors (program, geography, and time). 

Use this dashboard to:

  • Understand general referral trends in terms of volume, status updates and geography
  • Understand which programs are referred to most frequently and if they are claimed
  • Understand trends in referral status updates on your site(s)

In doing so, they can use that data to gain insight into referral activity that can be used to assess outcomes and target community engagement efforts.



Best Practices

For the best results, you'll want to use a combination of some or all of the following filters: Site, Category, Group, Date Range, Aggregation.


Overall Referral Trends

  • Understand referral trends on your site(s)
  • Understand referrals by top level service category
  • Identify where referrals are taking place
  • Identify most referred programs by location or top level service category
  • Distinguish between the staff and community facing sites

Referral Status Updates

You can better understand the current outcomes of those referrals with a breakdown of the referrals status. 

  • See referral statuses by geography
  • Understand referral statuses by top level service category
  • View referral statuses overtime
  • Understand how many people are getting help
  • Understand trends in status updates happening on your own site(s)

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