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Flyouts allow you to share a Call to Action with your users based on where they search and/or what they search for.

Flyouts appear in the bottom right corner of your site. They can be configured to appear based on when a user takes a specific action or actions, such as searching for term(s) within a certain area. 


If your organization provides a 24/7 hotline for people seeking domestic violence support, you could use a Flyout to appear as a Call to Action to call your organization. In this example, the Flyout appeared when the user searched for the term, “safe housing.” 


Please note:  Styling, color, and placement are standard and not customizable. All Flyouts also must have a Call to Action that links to a URL, email address, or phone number, or you may use our standard thumbs up/thumbs down survey Call to Action. All Flyouts also require one trigger (see below in Configurable Options for further details).


Configuration Options

Displayed Content


Flyout Header

Text at the top of the Flyout

  • Maximum characters: 30

Flyout Body

The main message in the Flyout

  • Maximum characters: 300

  • Supports HTML links in formatting

Flyout Button Text

The words that appear on the Call to Action button

  • Maximum characters: 30

The URL the user will be directed to after clicking the Flyout

  • Can link to a URL, email address, or phone number. Format accordingly:

    • URL

    • Phone number

    • Email

Triggers - Show the Flyout When...

Flyouts can be triggered by an action or by a combination of actions. Flyouts can be triggered by the following specifications.


The geographical area where the Flyout should appear based on the zip code searched

  • State, County, or Postal

Search Term

These are the keyword searches or tags that would trigger the Flyout


Day and Time

Days of the week and hours when the Flyout will appear

  • Could be used for working hours of hotlines or organizations where your Flyout links

Time-based flyouts, when closed, will remain closed for the rest of that calendar day.

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