Highlighted Search Configuration

Tier: Professional, Enterprise


Highlighted Search takes advantage of our vast network to find the right programs to meet the needs that were identified in an Assessment. Following an Assessment submission, you will be taken to the search results page where specific categories will be highlighted based on social needs identified in the Assessment.

How it Works

When an Assessment is submitted, Highlighted Search will automatically generate search results based on the Assessment responses. In the main menu bar, you will see the categories that match the identified needs, highlighted in the menu bar.


When one of these highlighted categories is selected, you will see a list of programs matching any of the service tags in that category that were mapped the Assessment responses. You can then browse and refer to those programs. To provide additional context, each program will display which service tag matched which response from the assessment form. 


You can click on the service tags to start a new search, specifically for that service tag.


Setting Up

Please work with your Customer Success Manager to map your Assessment questions to specific service categories and/or subcategories. 

Please access the Open Eligibility Project for specific information on the service category taxonomy. 

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