Screeners (Eligibility)

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A Screener is an eligibility form that will allow claimed programs to gather additional information from people in need who are attempting to receive your services (Seekers). The Screener adds an extra layer to ensure that a person who is interested in your program is eligible for your services.

The form enables you to…

  • Turn less people away: Ask custom questions to determine eligibility and ensure your organization receives referrals only from those you can serve. 

  • Decrease the amount of back and forth: Gather all eligibility information in one form. This saves time for your organization and people in need. 

  • Provide a next step: Suggest alternative resources if someone screens as ineligible for your organization's services.

Screeners are mobile friendly, ADA and WCAG accessible, and use the HITRUST Common Security Framework to ensure compliance with NIST, HIPAA, and HICP.

Table of Contents

How it Works
Email Notifications
Viewing Submitted Screeners

How it Works

Programs listed on the social care platform can add a Screener to collect additional information about the Seeker when referrals are made to their program.


When the Seeker or a person helping them apply to a program, they will click the Connect button which will say, “Apply Here”. Next, they will fill out the Connect form as usual, and then click “Next”. At this point, the Screener will open. The Seeker or the person making the referral on behalf of someone else (Navigator)will fill out and submit the Screener to the Program.


Upon submission, the Seeker or Navigator will see a “Thank You” message from the Program. Based on their submission, the Seeker or Navigator will see different messages from the Program on the “Thank You” screen based on whether or not they may be eligible for services.

The Program will then be able to review the Screener on the Inbound Referrals Dashboard, where they can view the completed screener, see at a glance if the referral is eligible, and filter referrals based on eligibility.

Note: The referral will still go through to Inbound Referrals even if the Screener isn’t completed. However, the Program and Seeker will only receive an email notification about the referral if the Screener has been completed.


Determining Eligibility

You may select certain questions to count as "eligibility questions". This will enable the form to immediately give the seeker the dignity of a response with their eligibility status directly after they have submitted your Screener. 

  • Create your own question or choose one of our preset questions 
  • Select "Eligibility Question" this will make the question a determining factor if someone may or may not be eligible to receive your services.
  • Choose which answer choices are eligible or not eligible for your services (you can have multiple eligible and not eligible answers). 

Note: If the person filling out this form answers one question with a "Not Eligible" answer their entire form will be counted as "Not Eligible". Also, if they select multiple answers and have a combination of "May be Eligible" and "Not Eligible" within one eligible question it will be counted as an eligible answer. 



Eligibility Message to Seekers

Tell people “thank you” -- customize a confirmation message once a person has completed your screener. You will be able to customize messaging based on if someone was seen as Eligible or Not eligible. You can even add a folder of favorite programs in your area to this section to better direct ineligible seekers to additional resources. 





Email Notifications


The Seeker will receive a referral email, encouraging them to reach out to the program based on the “Next Steps” section of that program. It will also include the message provided by your organization on the “Thank You” screen.

The Seeker must choose email as the best way to reach them. If they choose any other option, no referral notification will be sent to the Seeker.



The person helping the Seeker will receive a notification and a link to view the submitted screener on the Seeker’s Profile.



On the Contact Settings page, Claimers can determine who from their program should receive an email notification when a Screener has been submitted. You will only receive a referral email notification if the Screener has been completed.


Viewing Submitted Screeners


Seekers are currently unable to see Screeners that they have submitted or that have been submitted on their behalf.



The Navigator will also be able to see the Screener on the Seeker Profile under Forms.



The Claimers can view the screener in their Inbound Referrals Dashboard under the “Forms” column. In this section, it will also note if the Seeker may be eligible for their services based on the answers in their Screener. You can also click “view profile” and view it under the Forms section on their view of the Seeker Profile.

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