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Documents allow Navigators and Programs to store documents important for helping a Seeker and connecting them to programs.

Documents can be viewed on the Seeker Profile, along with the other activities for how they are serving the Seeker.

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How it Works

The Seeker's Profile is a page that brings together the different navigation activities you or your team are taking on behalf of someone you're helping.

Seeker Profiles are automatically created any time a referral or Assessment has been made for a Seeker by a Navigator. They are also created when a referral has been received by a Program, or when the Program adds a referral to their Inbound Referrals Dashboard.

Once the Seeker's Profile is created, users can upload documents

You can upload the following file types: png, jpg, pdf, doc, docx. Each document must be 25MB or less.

Upload a Document

To upload the document:

  1. Locate the Documents section and click Upload.


View a Document

To view the document:

  1. Click on the document name. This will download the document so that you may open it and view it on your device.


Delete a Document

To delete the document:

  1. Click the three dots and select Delete.


Deleting is permanent and cannot be undone.

Who Can View Documents?

The document is visible to the Navigator who uploaded it and other team members who are in a group where Team Navigation/Sharing is enabled. 

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