Branding Examples

The most successful social care platform introduces your program to your users and makes a strong first impression. This document outlines the recommendations to help you get the most out of your opportunities for customization and branding. 

Best Practices

These are the branding customizations we recommend for a successful launch of your social care platform: 

  • Site Title: A unique and recognizable platform name expresses your vision for the social care network, and helps users find their way to your site.
  • Custom URL: Using a custom URL will make it easier for people to find your platform and improve search engine optimization.
  • Custom Landing Page: A custom landing page creates a unique search experience for users from the start.
  • Tailored Home Page: A branded homepage is the starting point for a user to begin searching for social care resources. The homepage should convey what they can gain from using the platform and is also a good place to share your mission and reasons for creating the platform. 

For more information on Branding options, please visit the Branding Basics & Options article. 

Examples of Branding from Successful Social Care Platforms 

Findhelp works with hundreds of partners, each of which has branded their platform to reflect their messaging, brand assets, colors, and other customizations. Here are examples to inspire you before creating the “look and feel” of your social care platform.

Example # 1 - Custom URL and Tailored Home Page

Site Title: Health Connection HUB

Custom URL:


 [This platform created a custom home page that explains their mission and value to users.]

Example # 2 - Custom URL and Custom Landing Page

Site Title: Community Help

Custom URL:


[This platform created a landing page that customized the search experience for their users.]

Example # 3 - Custom URL and Custom Landing Page

Site Title: LookUp

Custom URL:


[This platform created a landing page that captures the look and feel of their brand.]

Other Examples

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