Chat - "Live Search Help"

Tier: Free for Claimers; add-on service for Customers


Chat connects Customer’s staff and Claimers directly to findhelp's Frontline Support team. Program Claimers can receive for additional support claiming programs, managing information, or responding to referrals.

Customer staff can get assistance finding programs on the findhelp platform, or using standard features like referrals and Favorites.

How it Works

Chat is a feature that allows certain users to chat directly with someone on findhelp's Frontline Support team. Chat is available for users Monday-Friday between 9am-5pm CT.

Frequently asked questions in chat include:

  • Help finding a program
    • The team will help find programs on They may also do additional research to create new programs and follow up via email.
  • Feature questions
  • Updating program contact information
  • Claiming a program
  • Updating program information
  • Technical questions

Seekers on Chat

By design, Chat is not currently available to people seeking services (Seekers) as we are not licensed helping professionals. However, should Seekers somehow access chat, they will receive assistance conducting a quick search to point them towards helpful resources.


If you would like to add Chat to your Customer site, contact your Customer Success Manager.

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