Assigning Seekers to Staff


Assignee allows Navigators to assign Seekers to themselves for follow up directly through a Seeker Profile.

Once assigned, Navigators can filter by Assignee and view the Assignee in the People I’m Helping Dashboard.

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How it Works

In Seeker Profiles, there is a section titled Assignment. Included in this section is an Assign to Me button. Clicking this button will allow users to assign Seekers to themselves, which they can later filter by in the People I’m Helping Dashboard. This feature does not currently allow Care Managers to assign Seekers to other members of their team.

To assign a Seeker to yourself:

  1. Locate the Seeker on the People I'm Helping Dashboard
  2. Click on their name to open the profile
  3. In the Assignment section, click Assign to Me

Once this button has been clicked, the widget will display the name of the person that the Seeker is assigned.


Screen_Shot_2021-07-16_at_9.34.26_AM.png Screen_Shot_2021-07-16_at_10.16.47_AM.png

People I'm Helping Dashboard

Once a Seeker has been assigned to a Navigator, that Assignee will be visible and filterable in the People I’m Helping Dashboard.


On the left-hand side of the Dashboard, there is an Assignee filter. Click the dropdown and choose Assigned to me to see all Seekers currently assigned to you.


Column in Dashboard

If a Seeker is assigned to a Navigator, the name of the assignee is also visible in the Assignee column of the People I’m Helping Dashboard. Although Navigators cannot assign Seekers to other people, they will be able to see who is assigned to a Seeker.



Removing Assignment

To remove the assignee, navigate to the Seeker Profile and click the X next to the name of the Assignee.

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