Why can't I see or find my program anymore?

If you are unable to find or see one of your programs anymore, the program may have been unpublished or is set to "seasonal". Seasonal programs only show up on the site during the timeframe that services are available. 

Unpublished programs

Programs will be unpublished by our Data Team if:

  • They are unable to confirm that a program is still operating.
  • They have determined that the program no longer meets our standards.

When a program is unpublished, it will no longer be accessible in:

Unpublished programs are still accessible in Referrals on Seeker's Profiles so that users may see historically where referrals were made. These programs can be republished if we are able to confirm the program is operating or if they in fact meet our standards.


Seasonal Programs

Programs that are only offered between certain dates are set to "seasonal." Seasonal programs don't show up in search results outside of their specified dates.

Examples of seasonal programs are cooling centers, warming centers, summer food programs, and tax preparation programs.

Seasonal programs are also not accessible in/by:

Seasonal programs will be available again during their specified dates.

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