Flexible Referral Fields


Sometimes, Customers need a way to define and record custom fields on referrals, such as billing codes and internal statuses for reporting purposes. Customers can configure fields on the Connect form to capture this information, and view that information in their Site Analytics or Customer MySQL.


How It Works

Working with your Customer Success Manager, you can define distinct Flexible Referral Fields that should be entered at the time of referral, and can be viewed in reporting.

Once these are built, logged in Site Workers can make selections from the Connect Form when creating a referral. After the referral is made, the field selections then are only visible in reporting. You can then view these selections in Analytics and report on these fields to show impact.


Viewing Flexible Referral Field Submissions

Submissions are included in the Referral dashboards in Customer Analytics and Customer MySQL. Navigators will not be able to see the selections on the Seeker Profile or anywhere in the UI. This information does not get sent to the program.

Editing Submissions

Once a referral has been submitted, Navigators cannot make changes to the fields that were selected when making a referral.




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