Customer MySQL Database


The Customer MySQL Database allows Customers the ability to dig into your site data on a secure instance. Data is updated daily, and you can slice and dice the data any way you want to understand how your users are using your site. In addition, the connection opens up the ability to join findhelp data with other data in your own data warehouse so that you can correlate and analyze with data from all of your other important systems.

Access to your Customer MySQL Database is an additional cost, or is included as part of Premium Reports & Insights package.

How it Works

Nearly every click is logged in findhelp's data warehouse. This information is used to generate dashboards in Customer Analytics

If you want to dive into that information beyond the standard reporting and have your own business intelligence resources, Customer MySQL Database may be the right solution for you.

Customer MySWL Database gives you access to a copy of the raw data from your instances of findhelp. This information is available via read-only tables. You can pull this data into your systems, and leverage your own reporting teams to create new reports. Your business intelligence teams can analyze metrics relating just to findhelp, or combine them with data from other systems that they use like a Care Coordination or Case Management system, CRM, or EHR.

The MySQL database is updated daily on a cumulative basis.


Setting it Up

Reach out to your Customer Success Manager today to learn about pricing and available data elements.

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