Cultural and Linguistic Support


Findhelp platforms are free resources that anyone can use to connect with local community programs and services. Because we recognize that language and culture are often barriers to receiving care, we factor equity into product decisions so that we can serve as many people as possible.



Foundational Support

Our taxonomy (program service tags and situational filters) is inclusive of distinct populations, their needs, and how they identify (gender identity, sexuality, culture). We have an internal standing working group that identifies and reviews service gaps, and researches the impact of proposed updates to our taxonomy.


A Network for All

The programs that are part of the findhelp network are as diverse as the people they support. We have multiple ways for users to find the programs that are the best for them or the person they’re helping.

Site Filters

  • Our filters are dynamic based on the search terms and the programs that are available in the chosen ZIP Code.
  • Filters can be used to identify programs that serve specific demographics, languages, and cultural backgrounds.
  • As an example, 55% of our listed programs provide services in a language other than English.


Platform Analytics

  • The Program Summary Dashboard includes a Situation_Tag filter so that reporting administrators can see the number of listed programs that serve specific demographics or populations (refugees, lgbtqia+).


Language Support

  • We support site-wide translation for 100+ languages (including assessments and screening forms).
  • We allow users to choose their preferred language for text messages and email notifications from the site.
  • For referrals, we share the chosen language preference with the referred-to program so that they can adapt their outreach as needed.


Digital Equity

  • We allow people to search and connect to programs anonymously, without ever logging in, as creating an account and remembering a password can be technological barriers.
  • To keep the site easy to use, all of our written messaging is kept to a 5th-grade reading level.
  • From an accessibility perspective, our site is WCAG 2.0-compliant and mobile-responsive, so that we can meet people where they are, via the tools they use.

User Feedback

  • We encourage our users (customers, community organizations, and the general public) to let us know about missing programs and/or programs that need to be updated. 
  • Our network team fields these suggestions and follows up within two business days.


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