Social Care Index Dashboard


As a customer, it is helpful to understand what highly vulnerable areas that lack access to critical social services exist in your community. This information can be helpful to better understand your community, target community engagement efforts, or target programming to try and fill in these observed gaps in services. 

The Social Care Index Dashboard, is a tool to help users better understand findhelp program data in the context of the Social Vulnerability Index. The Social Care Index Dashboard combines the Center for Disease Control’s Social Vulnerability Index (SVI) and findhelp’s social service program data into an easy to navigate dashboard.

Use this dashboard to understand:

  • What geographic areas in my community are highly vulnerable and lack access to critical social services?
  • What programs are available in specific geographic areas of my community that lack access to those particular social services?


Example of Social Care Index Dashboard

Using the Dashboard

Users with aggregate reporting access  can access  this dashboard directly in their  analytics suite. This dashboard works similar to other findhelp dashboards, with a number of filter options available. These filters enable you to only show programs that meet a certain criteria, like providing “Food” programs, or to exclude city and county government programs. 

Once in the dashboard, the map shows counties colored from light to dark based on its unique SVI score, with the darker shade of blue indicating higher social vulnerability. Hovering over a county will display the SVI, the percentage minority, and the estimated poverty rate of that county.

Each dot on the map represents a program service location. Gold dots represent unclaimed programs and brown dots represent claimed programs.


Social Care Index Dashboard with county level information

Training Video

Social Care Index Training Video (3:46)

Frequently Asked Questions

Why can’t I view this dashboard for other counties and states? 

This dashboard is configured to show information for the area that your organization operates in. Please speak with your Customer Success Manager if you do not think the dashboard is not displaying your full service area correctly. 

The SVI Report is available at the County and Census Track level. Why can’t I see the Census Tract level information?

At this time, findhelp’s SCI is only available at the county level, but the dashboard will be updated to the census tract level in future versions. The SVI Census Tract level view is helpful with  identifying more granular neighborhood by neighborhood vulnerability.

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