Pregnancy Services

At findhelp, we are committed to providing the most accurate information to those in need. To ensure we are surfacing the most relevant programs to seekers based on their search terms, we have guidelines regarding program verbiage that allow better differentiation between clinical abortion services and pregnancy support services.

Generally, these services fall into three main categories:

  • Pregnancy Resource Centers: Programs which offer services such as pregnancy testing, ultrasounds, options counseling, and baby supplies; but do not offer clinical abortions.
  • Clinical Abortion Services: Programs which provide abortion services.
  • Abortion Aid Services: Programs that support those who are seeking clinical abortion services, such as; legal aid, financial assistance, transportation, etc.

To optimize a seeker's search experience, each type of program should follow the below patterns regarding verbiage:

  • Pregnancy Resource Centers: These programs will not include the term, 'abortion', and will include text to inform the seeker that the organization provides education and support; but not pregnancy termination services.
  • Clinical Abortion Services: These programs will include the term, 'abortion'.
  • Abortion Aid Services: These programs will include the term, 'abortion'. The description should make it clear that the program does not provide clinical abortion services directly, but provides abortion aid services.

We want to ensure that all seekers are able to receive services with dignity and ease. These distinctions allow the most relevant programs to surface for the seeker based on their search terms.

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