Become Certified

A Certification is a recognition of an achievement with the findhelp platform. Certification is intended for people who manage program listing(s) on the site or who are regularly involved with community engagement efforts. 

Why Get Certified?

Being certified is a great way to stand out in the network. We offer a number of value-adds (below) to individuals and organizations who get certified. Encourage your navigators to get certified today to receive the following benefits:

  • Membership in our online community - a private LinkedIn group to network with other professionals who are helping their communities;
  • Certification badge for professional use - they can add to their website and professional network(s);
  • Speaking opportunities with findhelp - Opportunities to speak on panels and share their programs/work;
  • Certification icon on program listings (certified program claimers) and those programs appear higher in search results.


How Do I Become Certified? 

  • Register and attend both the  Introduction to  (101) and Navigating your free suite of tools on (201) training webinars offered by our Community Engagement team.
  • Pass the findhelp certification quiz.

How Do I Get the Certified Icon on my Program?

Having the certified icon on your program listings is a great way to allow seekers and navigators to quickly identify that you are a certified program! Programs with the certified icon are the programs with the highest level of platform knowledge and are more likely to engage, respond, and support seekers. Additionally, these programs appear higher in search results.

As long as you have claimed your program listing, the program card will display the certified program icon within 24 hours of passing the findhelp certification quiz. 


Get certified today!


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