Where can I go to understand the needs of my community?

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Using findhelp analytics to understand the needs of your community will help you and your organization make data-driven decisions about what additional services your community may need and where to target outreach to better serve your community members. 

The Search Activity dashboard is a great place to start. Use this dashboard to look at activities and trends around what people are searching for on your sites in order to understand the needs of your community.

What is the Search Activity Dashboard?

The Search Activity dashboard shows search trends and helps identify main areas of need. Use filters to understand what your users are searching for in general, in specific geographic areas, or within certain social care domains. 

This dashboard will help you:

  • Understand general search trends in terms of volume, search term, and geography
  • See how searches within a service category have changed over time
  • See how searches within a certain geography have changed over time
  • Understand activity coming from from specific access points, such as search boxes and URLs


Filter Tips 

Use filters to understand what your users are searching for in general, in specific geographic areas, or within certain social care domains. 


Here are some examples of ways to use filters on this dashboard:


Use multiple filters at once!


Use and Example


Use the Site filter to see search activity for one or more of your sites. 

Example: What is the most common need category our community is searching for on their own?

Time (i.e. date range & aggregation)

Use the Date Range and Aggregation filters to see if common search categories and terms change during different times of the year 

Example: Are utilities needs higher in the winter? Are childcare needs higher in the summer?

Geographic (i.e. State, County, City, ZIP Code) 

Use geographic filters to see search trends in a specific geographic area. 

Note: Geographical filters are hierarchical, meaning that the larger geographic filter must be selected before smaller geographic filter opinions are visible. (i.e., Filter on a specific state to see that state’s county filter options.) 

 Example: How do the top searches in Travis county compare with that of Blanco county?

Site access source (i.e. Widget & Linked_From)

Use site access source filters to see how search trends differ based on where people are accessing your site from.

Note: Work with your Customer Success Manager to add the necessary reference codes to search boxes and links to your site(s)

Example: How do search trends differ for two different facebook marketing campaigns that targeted different user groups?

Situation Tags 

Use the Situation Tag filter to understand search trends and volume for specific population types, like veterans or seniors. 

Example: What are the most common types of resources that people who use the Veteran filter search for? 

Category or Term

Use the Category or Term filters, to understand how often and where people are searching for that specific category and/or term. 

Example: What counties have the highest volume of searches related to food needs? 


Independent Practice

This section is intended to help you practice looking at the Search Activity dashboard in order to begin to understand the needs of your community. 

Access the Search Activity dashboard on your site and answer the following questions:

  1. What are the top search categories on your site(s)?
    • Tip: Review the Searches by Category pie chart


  2. What is the most common search category in a specific county in your service area? 
    • Tip: Use the State and County filters


  3. What ZIP Codes in your service area have the most “Food” related searches?
    • Tip: Use the Category filter and then scroll down to review the Top 10 Counties table


Other Helpful Dashboards

The Assessment Activity dashboard shows trends and areas of needs around submitted Assessments


Assessment functionality is limited to Enterprise customers

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