A program’s information seems to be out of date. How can I get it updated?

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Findhelp allows you to search and connect with social care programs across the nation. We work diligently to keep this information up to date, but we know that program information can change in between our review cycles. If you come across a program card with outdated information, let us know by suggesting changes so that we can review the program right away. Collectively, we can ensure that people are connecting using the most current information, every time.

How often are programs updated?

Findhelp’s target is to update programs every 6 months. Additionally, organizations listed on the platform can claim their programs and update information in real time.

How to request a change

If you notice information about a program needs to be updated, such as a phone number or address, let us know by following the steps below. Our team performs a full program review and verifies the changes with the program. 

1. Search for the program that needs to be updated.

2. On the program listing, click the Suggest button.


3. Add you email in the From field and write us a message in the Message field, telling us what needs to be changed.


4. Click Send.

Change verification

Once you click Send, your message is sent to the findhelp Curation team to review. We review the program, confirm the change, and update the program listing. Please allow up to two business days for suggested changes to process.

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