This person doesn't have access to a computer, how can I help them get connected to a program?

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Some people looking for assistance do not have access to search or connect via the computer. There are a few different options for sharing resources in this situation.

Mobile Searching

Individuals looking for assistance can access using their cell phone browser. This gives them a slightly different viewing experience than on the computer but all features are available.

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In addition, we have a mobile application available for both Android and Apple users.


Mobile Sharing

Resources can be directly shared to mobile users. When referring or sharing resources you may option for contact and notification messages to be done so via text or phone calls. To see how to do this check out Share a Program via Text Message. You may also select to notify programs to contact the individual via text or phone call as well when completing a referral form.


Another sharing option is to print out a program’s information. You can quickly share details, like a program's location and contact details. To see how you can print a program’s details check out How to Print Program Information.

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