This person isn’t comfortable with me finding them information. How can they find resources on their own?

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Findhelp is completely self navigable for those who wish to do searches on their own. Anyone using the platform can conduct searches, share program information, and create referrals on their own.

Self navigation

To do a search:

1. From the home page enter in the zipcode for the area in the ZIP field you would like to conduct your search in. Then click Search.


2. To continue your search you have two options: 

  • Select a category, such as Food or Health, and then you see a list of subcategories to select from. When you select one of those options, you are taken to a list of programs in that category.
  • You can also type in a keyword in the search box. A list of options appears that you can select from or you can click the magnifying glass to continue.

3. In your search results, you will see the related programs based on your selection. From here you can refer yourself or another to the program, share the program(s) information, or conduct another search by using the toolbar up above.





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