I want to connect this person to a program, but the program doesn’t accept referrals (or other findhelp intake methods)

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Not all programs receive referrals directly through the findhelp platform. For example, some programs prefer to be contacted through their own website, a phone call, or in person.  For these programs, there are other listed details on how to get in touch with the program..

Contacting Programs That Do Not Accept Referrals Through Findhelp

For programs that do not accept referrals through the findhelp platform there are alternative contact options listed on the program card. These alternatives may include links to the program’s website/social media page, phone numbers, email addresses, or locations to go to. 

To view these contact options click on the programs Connect button to see their contact information.


Recording Referrals When the Connect Button Does Not Directly Contact the Program

When a program does not accept referrals through the findhelp platform, using the Connect button does not automatically prompt you to enter in contact information for the person in need nor does it generate a Profile. If you still wish to create a profile to track the referral and have it appear in the People I'm Helping and send a notification to the individual being assisted, you can do so by logging the referral.

Logging a Referral

1. After clicking the Connect button that gives the details on how to connect with the program, click Log a Referral.


2. Now you can input the details of the individual being referred. Click Submit to save.


What Happens After I Submit a Logged Referral?

Once you click Submit to save:

  • The person seeking services receives a notification with the program information, the next steps to contact the program and the referral is added to their Referrals for Me dashboard.
  • You, the person who submitted the logged referral, can view the referral and all status updates in the People I'm Helping dashboard.
  • Programs will not receive a record of the referral since the program prefers to be contacted through other means (i.e.,  through their own website, a phone call, or in person.)
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