I can’t find a program that I know exists. What can I do?

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Findhelp adds programs that offer direct social services for free or at a reduced cost and meet our program criteria. If you are having difficulty locating a program that you know exists, the program may have been unpublished or set to seasonal. Seasonal programs only appear on the website during the timeframe that services are available.

Suggest a program

If you do not see a program, you can suggest we add the program using the Suggest Program link located at the bottom of the site. Here, you can also find a template to suggest multiple programs at once.2022-09-02_20-49-13.png

Unpublished programs

Programs will be unpublished if findhelp is unable to confirm that a program is still operating or the program no longer meets our criteria. Once a program is unpublished, it no longer appears in search results or Favorites Folders. A claimer is not able to edit an unpublished program. Unpublished programs are still accessible in the Referrals on Seeker’s Profiles page so that users may see the history of each referral. These programs can be republished if we are able to confirm the program is still operating and meets our criteria.

Seasonal programs

Seasonal programs are programs that are only offered during certain time periods. Seasonal programs do not show up in search results if the timeframe is outside of their specified dates. Examples of seasonal programs are cooling centers, warming centers, summer food programs, and tax preparation programs. Seasonal programs are not accessible through Favorites folders, referrals, the Edit Program tool, or via direct links to the program. Seasonal programs reappear on the site again during their specific active timeframes.

Service area

We only show programs in areas where the service is provided, which may require you to edit the zip code you are searching in. For example, if you are looking for a program with a zip code in County A, but the services are only available for residents of County B, you would need to search with a County B zip code to see those results.

Making additional changes

If you are a program claimer and believe that your program was incorrectly unpublished or that the seasonality or service area are incorrect, please let us know! Fill out the Other Changes box located at the bottom of the Edit Program page. You may also use the chat function Monday through Friday 9am-5pm CT to chat with our staff about making real-time updates.



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