How do I access an Assessment?

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Assessments can be added onto the search experience to help assess multiple areas of need at once for a person in need. 

Assessments can be made accessible to all staff to complete on behalf of someone they are helping, and/or to the person looking for support to complete on their own. Once the Assessment is completed and submitted, a list of programs that address the needs of the person seeking support is provided. 

Accessing Assessments

Based on your site configuration, there are several different ways to access an Assessment.


In some cases, you may need to be logged into the platform before being able to access an assessment.

From the Home Page

1. From the main page click the [assessment name] button. If there are multiple assessments available the button will Start a Form and then you can select the assessment you wish to complete from the dropdown menu.


The assessment you select will open up on the screen.


Through a Profile

Profiles are useful tools for keeping track of referral information and statuses for individuals. A profile is automatically generated when a referral is sent or logged for an individual or Assessment has been completed on behalf of an individual. If your organization has set up a Launch Integration, this will also automatically generate a Profile, when you access your site through the integration.

You can view completed assessment and start a new assessment from a profile. 


When you access an Assessment through a profile, basic demographic information will automatically populate!

To complete a new assessment from a profile:

1. Navigate to the Profile


2. In the Profile scroll down to the Forms section, which appears on the left side.


3. In the Forms section you can see all the forms that have been completed for the individual. For forms, you can do following:

  • View: See the responses of the selected form.
  • See Search:  Return to the recommendation views of the form’s responses.
  • The three dots: Undo a submission and remove the assessment results and reset the profile while still keeping the profile details available.
  • Start a Form: Select a new assessment from the Assessment selection menu.

4. To start a new form click the Start a Form button.

5. The assessment you select will open up on the screen and the person's basic demographic information, (i.e., first name, last name, email, ZIP code) will already be completed.


Direct Link

You may have a direct link to an Assessment. This is a common approach used by organizations that have set up a Launch Integration.

If you have a direct link to an Assessment, simply click the link to open the Assessment. 


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