There are particular programs I use and recommend regularly. How can I get to them faster?

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As you are searching on findhelp, whether for yourself or on the behalf of others, you may find that you regularly use a selection of programs. You can easily collect those resources to make finding and sharing them in the future easier by using Favorites Folders.

Creating and Adding to Favorites

A Favorites Folder can be created when you save a program.

To save a program:

1. Log into findhelp and search for the program you wish to save.

2. On the Program Card you want to save, click the Save button.


3. From the Save a Favorite! screen you can select Create a New Folder to make a new folder and enter in a new name. If you already have a folder that you are adding too you can click Pick a Folder to select the folder from the drop-down menu. After choosing your option click Save.


Viewing Favorites Folders and Making Changes

To access your Favorites Folders:

1. Click your name in the top right toolbar and select Saved Favorites.


2. In My Folders you can see all of your saved folders and can open them by clicking on the name of the folder you wish to view.


Favorites Folders are organized based on the alphabetic order of the folder names.



3. In the folders you can use the top right toolbar to Share the programs in the folder, Edit the folder, or Print the information on all the programs in the folder.



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