How can I share Favorites Folders with someone else?

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If you are a member of an organization that enables team sharing you have the additional ability to also share Favorites Folders. This allows your team to create collaborative folders that all added users have access to share and edit.

Sharing a Favorites Folder with your team

To share your Favorites Folder(s) with your team:

1. Click your name in the top right toolbar and select Saved Favorites.


2. In My Folders you can see all of your saved folders and can open them by clicking on the name of the folder you wish to update.


3. In the folders, from the top right toolbar select Share.


4. In the menu that opens  select Share With A Group. Then in the drop-down menu below select the team you wish to share the folder with and then click Send.


Viewing shared saved Favorites Folders

Shared Folders appear in the same Saved Favorites page as your regular folders underneath your Personal Folders.


Adding to Shared Folders

To save a program to Shared Folders:

1. Log in to findhelp andsearch for the program you wish to save.

2. On the Program Card you want to save, click the Save button.


3. From the Save a Favorite screen, click Pick a Folder to select the folder from the drop-down menu. After choosing your option from the Shared Folders menu click Save.


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