Where can I see a breakdown by geography and user type for submitted assessments?

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Assessments are designed to help assess a person’s social needs in order to understand how to best help them. Understanding the information captured in assessments can help you and your organization use data to provide additional services, target your outreach in certain areas, or serve additional areas for your community.

Findhelp analytics offers two dashboards to help understand information and trends gathered in assessments - the Assessment Activity dashboard and the Site Assessment Details (PII) report. 


Assessments are an optional feature available to Enterprise customers.

What are the Assessment Related Dashboards?

Assessment Activity Dashboard

The Assessment Activity dashboard shows trends and areas of need around submitted assessments. You can view helpful data such as: 

  • Assessment responses and trends.
  • Average time to complete assessments.
  • Number of people assessed.
  • How many people had a need identified. 
  • Aggregated information on the types of needs identified.


Site Assessment Details (PII) Report

The Site Assessment Details (PII) report provides detailed information on all assessments submitted on your site(s) in a single table. The best way to use this dashboard is to download that data for your own analysis.

To download the data:

  1. Hover your mouse over the table.
  2. Click on the three lines in the upper right corner.
  3. Select Download Data.

Filter Tips

Use filters on the  Assessment Activity dashboard to understand trends around submitted assessments, user groups and/or, geographic area. 


Here are some examples of ways to use filters on this dashboard:


Use multiple filters at once!



Use and Example


Use the Site filter to see site activity for one or more of your sites. 

Example: How long is it taking people to complete the assessment on our community site?


Use the Assessment filter to view trends around a specific assessment. This filter can be helpful if you have multiple assessments set up on your site(s).

Example: How many people were assessed with a specific assessment? 


Use the Group filter to see activity for one or more groups on your site(s). 

Note: You must filter on a specific site before group filter options are visible.

Example: How many people did our care management group complete an assessment for? 


Use the Kiosk filter to view trends around assessments submitted on a specific kiosk.

Example:  What  assessment trends are we seeing for those submitted on the kiosk we have at a specific location?

Time (i.e. Date Range and Aggregation)

Use the Date Range and Aggregation filters to understand assessment submissions at different times of the year or assess the impact of specific adoption efforts like a marketing campaign or training.

Example: Did we see a spike in assessment submissions on our staff site after training? 

Geographic (i.e. State, County, City, Zipcode) 

Use geographic filters to see assessment submission trends in a specific geographic area. 

Note: Geographical filters are hierarchical, meaning that the larger geographic filter must be selected before smaller geographic filter opinions are visible. (i.e., Filter on a specific state to see that state’s county filter options.) 

Example: What types of needs are being identified through assessments submitted in Travis county?


Independent Practice

This section is intended to help you practice using the Assessment Activity dashboard and  Site Assessment Details (PII) report.

Access the appropriate dashboard on your site, filter the data to the last six months and answer the following questions:

  1. Access the Assessment Activity dashboard. What is the average time it took your staff to complete the assessment? If you have multiple assessments on your site, please select one.
    • Tip: Use the Site filter to select your staff site and use the Assessment filter to select a specific assessment (if applicable). View the Average time to Complete Assessment widget.


  2. Access the Assessment Activity dashboard. What is the top need category identified for assessments submitted by a specific group on your staff site? If you have multiple assessments on your site, please select one.
    • Tip:  Use the Site filter to select your staff site, the Group filter to select a group and use the Assessment filter to select a specific assessment (if applicable). View the Identified Needs table


  3. Access the Site Assessment Detail (PII) report and download the table.
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