Where can I find definitions for the different metrics I see in the various dashboards?

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Findhelp’s analytics suites provide both high-level and detailed views of your personal work, analytics relating to program management, and site activity. Across our dashboards we include many specific metrics to help you and your organization understand all the different aspects of your site and how users are interacting with and using your site(s). You can find definitions and details around these metrics on individual charts and tables and in our Support Portal.

Info Icon on Charts and Tables

We make it easy to find information about the chart or table you are looking at directly with each dashboard. Simply click on the i icon located in the upper left corner of a chart or table to see additional details about that chart or table:


Support Portal

The Analytics Definitions article is a comprehensive list of the different metrics you can find across all the findhelp dashboards.

This article is located in Findhelp’s Support Portal. The Support Portal provides detailed articles, training materials, and feature update information to help answer all the questions you have around using your site. On the Support Portal you can find a dedicated Reporting and Analytics section where you can view all sorts of details around findhelp’s analytics. 

To navigate to the Support Portal Reporting and Analytics section:

Navigate to the Support Portal from your site by clicking Support located on the top toolbar of your site.


To access articles related to our analytics suites, select Reporting and Analytics button.


From there you find a list of all the reporting and analytics related articles.




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