What is the Reporting Service Area?

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Users with Site Administrator privileges have access to a variety of tools that allow them to customize aspects of their site in real time, manage their users’ permissions, and manage user groups. Under the Customize my Site tool, Site Administrators can update the Reporting Service Area used in the findhelp Analytics Suite


What is the Reporting Service Area?

The Reporting Service Area is the geographic area used to determine the aggregate data available in various dashboards available in findhelp analytics suites. For example, the Program Summary dashboard summarizes programs counts and claims information for your organization’s service area. That service area is defined in our systems with theReporting Service Area.

How Do I Update the Reporting Service Area? 

During the implementation phase, we proactively define your organization reporting service area. Before making any updates to the Reporting Service Area, consult with your Customer Success Manager to understand and assess the impact.

To update Reporting Service Area, navigate to the Customize My Site tool:

1. On the top toolbar click Site Tools, then select Customize My Site.


2. Scroll down the page until you see the Reporting Service Area section.


3. Select the appropriate State and/or County that represents the area your organization serves. The items selected do not change program search. 

4. To save any changes in this space click Save & View at the bottom of the page.



It may take up to one business day for analytics suites and dashboards to be updated.

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